Most common hip conditions and injuries may be treated with simple non surgical care. Critical to treatment is establishing the correct diagnosis done by evaluation and appropriate diagnostic studies. When non surgical care fails hand surgery may be required. Some of the more common hip conditions and we see are:

Trochanteric Bursitis

Trochanteric Bursitis is a condition that involves  the outer hip prominence (Greater Trochanter) bursal sac inflammation causing pain.  Mild cases can often be treated through conservative methods such as rest, anti inflammatory medications, stretching exercises and avoiding repetitive movements. Persistent symptoms will benefit from a cortisone injection and on occasion with failure of treatment minor surgery may be required.

Hamstring Strain

Straining the hamstring which is the large muscle group on the back of thigh is a common condition involving pain, tightness, spasm and loss of strength.  While most hamstring injuries are strains or partial tears, it is critical to be evaluated to rule out a complete hamstring tear which requires surgical intervention.  Most hamstring strains and partial tears respond to a period of rest with anti-inflammatory medications, followed by rehabilitation with stretching and strengthening exercises. 

Labral Tears

The hip socket (Glenoid) has a cartilaginous ring around its perimeter similar to the shoulder.  Do to overuse or a traumatic injury the hip labrum may tear causing pain, swelling, and catching.   In addition tears of the hip labrum may be associated with abnormalities of the bone and socket anatomy placing abnormal stress on the labrum.   These conditions need careful evaluation by a orthopaedic specialist.   Many of the tears can be treated without surgery, but those that do require surgery typically can be treated through arthroscopic procedures.


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